Who Should Sign Up?

This event is designed for local homeschoolers to connect and discover local organizations, businesses, and service providers

If you are looking to connect with the Central Florida Homeschool Community, then you should sign up!

What makes this Expo Different?

July 11th: Pioneer Village at Shingle Creek

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July 22nd: Hart Memorial Library's Lillie Room

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There are a lot of great EXPOs for homeschoolers, and some of them are hosted locally. However, there is a KEY difference!

While some of the fabulous EXPOs are hosted in our backyard, they are state- and sometimes nationwide events. You can find lots of great information there--but you know what you won't find?

The local dance studio. The local (affordable) field trips tucked in most towns/cities. The educational consultant and tutor located close enough to actually be of service to local families. The local organizations, non-profits, and departments that pour funds into planning events for local residents--like the parks department and library system. Why? Because that Expo isn't designed for them. THIS ONE IS!

This micro-local EXPO is designed for local families. For businesses, these are the potential customers in your backyard. The attendees are looking for local options! While the investment to participate in larger expos can be heavy (both in finance and time)--this event is cost- and time-effect. Most participants would find 100% cost-recovery with the discovery of just one or two new customers.

Check out visuals of the wonderful locations that are hosting this year to the left.

How much does it cost?

July 11th--all central Florida counties

Location: Osceola County Historical Society

Vendor OPTION 1: Price $50*^ (note, this early registration price guaranteed until March 1st) 
10’ X 10’ space
-> You can bring a tent, tables, chairs, or other items to fill your space
-> You can sell and conduct transactions on property


Vendor OPTION 2: Price $70 *^ (note, this early registration price guaranteed until March 1st) 
-> Covered space provided
-> 6-foot table and 2 chairs provided
-> electrical access provided
-> You can sell and conduct transactions on property

-> Space extremely limited
-> this option is not available for free to non-profit organizations.



July 11th--Osceola County only

Location: Hart Memorial Library


Vendor Information
-> Indoor event
-> Table and two chairs provided
-> electrical access provided
-> please note that no transactions can take place on the property
Price: $20*^ at this limited space event
If you participate in the July 11th, you’ll receive a 50% discount on participating in the Osceola edition. 



*Verified, invited* non-profits, are free of charge. There are a limited number of free spaces reserved for non-profits, and those invited must provide direct benefit to the homeschool community. Please note that on the July 11th event the free space provided is a 10X10 space (option 2). Non-profits who select option 1 will be placed on a waiting list and provided with space-based on availability. To guarantee the space, they can opt to pay the vendor fee to secure the space. 

^ Co-ops that have been active for at least one year, and do not have non-profit status, receive a $20 discount to participate in July 11th event and can participate for free at the July 22nd event. 

How can I...

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become a Preformer?

Potential Vendors, speakers, and performers may complete the interest form below, or click here.

Thank you to our sponsors!

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